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Sonic Boom- Tails' Crush by Bluestarpost
Sonic Boom- Tails' Crush
Quick doodle...I'm sorry it's rushed...I did this during school D:

Personally, I think Zoey's design looks like a Sonic character you might see on DA (Like I swear I feel like I have seen a character like this) There's nothing original to her design...glad to know she's a one-shot character...but, I think they make a cute couple :)

I notice Tails seems to get all the ladies better than the boys can...even Perci found him attractive in Fire in Workplace.

Nerd's the new hot I'm guessin' XD

All the steps we take, all the moves we make, all the pain at stake
I see the chaos for everyone who are we what can we do
You and I are same in the way that we have our own styles that we won't change
Yours is filled with evil and mine's not, there is no way I can lose

Six years since my last adventure, funny how time flies huh? One minute you're running along the lush green hills of the nostalgic zone and the next you are, about to face your long time adversary in battle, a winner-take-all.

Y'know, of all the battles I had with the doc you would think this is nothing new to me.

Well, it was.

This time he cooked up the biggest scheme he could ever dish out, he took the Master Emerald and sent me an invitation by giving me the last chaos emerald.

Whatever scheme this guy had, it must be big if he had the gall to take the Master Emerald AND give me the last chaos emerald after I have found the others.

And it was...

He first sent his entire army of badniks to attack South Island, G.U.N had to cover their parts while the rest of us had to cover ours. Tails and I had to get to Eggman's base to confront him. We took the Tornado II, while Amy Rose and the Master Emerald's Guardian, Knuckles had to defend our home back at Green Hill.

“Sonic be careful...” The rose colored hedgehog pleaded to me with her mint colored eyes. “I know the fight with Dr. Eggman is nothing new to you, but whatever he has planned for you could be dangerous, so watch yourself.”

“Just make sure you get my Master Emerald.” Knuckles retorted, of course the damn echidna cares for that gem more than my own safety. But then again, his island will sink underwater and the inhabitants will be nothing but fish food if I didn't get the gem back to its original place.

I rolled my eyes at my scarlet furred friend. “Anything else you wanna add Knucklehead?” I replied. “Like be careful?”

“Yeah yeah...and lay a smack down on him too.” He gave me our traditional fist bump and off me and Tails headed out.

“Good luck Sonic...” Amy whispered as the plane ascended to our destination. A hand extended to her shoulders was Knuckles, who assured her that everything was going to be okay and that they should focus on protecting the citizens from Eggman's badniks.

Getting ready for my final battle with Eggman, I could tell my twin tailed friend was nervous. He seemed hesitant on getting to the Egg Carrier but I had to let him know he didn't have to fight alongside with me.
“Tails, I think you should head back to Green Hill to help Amy and Knuckles. I can handle the rest from here by myself.” The young fox looked at me with puzzled eyes, but then again he wasn't the little kit I knew before, he was a teenager now, but he was still a little brother to me.

“But what if you need me? Tails replied. I mean who knows what this 'Egg Doom' machine could be?”

I looked at him with a smile. “Trust'll be a lot safer back home.” I then turned my head to face the sky, I could see us getting closer to the Death Egg, I began to take a deep breath as I was about to say my words to the teenager. “Besides, Eggman sent that invitation to me and me alone.”

Tails was about to speak again, but I silenced him with my courageous words again. “I'll be fine, I handled ol' Baldy McNosehair on my own remember?” I let out a chuckle, reminiscing about the days I have got into battles with the doc on my own and always remaining victorious, him enraged cursing at me for being such a tyrant and ruining his plans. It was amusing watching him get his fat in a rustle, I guess you could say I enjoy busting ol' Walrus Chops chops.

Tails nodded and began to descend the plane to the Death Egg, but just as we approached it something big was heading our way.

“What is-?” Tails said in shock, I turned around to see the Death Egg’s form change shape but why?

Something tells me this isn’t going to be good.

My hedgehog instincts kicked into gear and I knew Tails had to listen and turn back, I turned to him giving him the signal to let me head out but just before my plan could set in motion…


A flash of green light shot out of the Death Egg, giving almost a direct hit to the Tornado. I guess he didn’t really want to hit us, but give us a free sample of what he’s about to dish out.


I took a deep breath and then smiled at my companion. “I’ll be fine…hand me my backpack with the emeralds and I’ll take it from here, you go and help Amy and Knuckles back home.”

“But what if you-“

“Just listen to me bro…Besides they need your help more than I do. I trust you take care of things while I’m gone”

The twin tailed fox sighed and handed me the emeralds, he seemed sad that I was going on this mission alone, I know he always comes with me but I couldn’t put him in danger…not after especially what we just witnessed.

“We’re almost at the Death Egg…I can take it from here, just go on back home.”

“Be careful Sonic…”

“Come on pal, you know me…I always come out right in the end.” Reassuring him with a thumbs up and a smile.

I dove into the Death Egg, watching Tails head back to Green Hill, as I watched the plane fly off into the distance; I took a deep breath and headed deep into my final fight.

I sure hope they can take care of everything back home…I know Amy’s been doing some training with Knuckles, and Tails has grown up.

I’m starting to feel like this might be really intense for me…what am I saying, I’m Sonic…I always come out breathing and runnin’.

Then…what’s this uneasiness I’m feeling…?

I shook it off and still continued weaving my way into the base, there was no traps, badniks or any odd gimmick that would throw me off…it was like Eggman wanted me to get to him soon.

I made it to the final doors of the battle, heart began to make a short stop as I entered the automatic door slowly opening to reveal a dark shadow of Eggman’s newest creation but it wasn’t something like the usual or typical of his mechanics…it was different.

Sad to say, I was quite impressed this time.

“It’s nice to finally see you hedgehog…tell me…how’d you like the demonstration of what this Master Emerald can do with my machines?” The mad doctor sneered, his moustache fluffing at every laughter and taunt he made.

“Gotta hand it to ya doc…you really got me there.” I responded. “But…just because you gave me quite a little taste of what you got doesn’t mean I’m gonna put my tail between my legs and quiver.”

“As usual you don’t give up, nice to see you didn’t bring your nerdy fox friend, nor that dimwitted Knucklehead…and not even your girlfriend came along…oh wait I’m sorry…I forgot…your EX-girlfriend.”

“You really think dissing my friends is gonna-“I was interrupted by the trembling, he was changing the Death Egg’s shape this time, preparing the battle.

“You really think you’ll beat him this time sir?” Orbot asked.

“Yeah like…what was your win streak…none…it was none right?” Cubot said.

“Silence! I know what I’m doing this time, I was a fool not to notice it sooner but now I have it and Sonic is in for a treat this time.”

“I hope you’re ready hedgehog, because this time…I will have the upper hand!”

“Yeah yeah, like always and you then you lose…as much as this is romantic to set all this up for me, giving me the last emerald and lettnig us have some alone time, I’m afraid I’m gonna have to cut this little date short and break ya heart Walrus Chops.”
“Aren’t you the little heart breaker? I hope you’re ready rodent because I won’t hold back!”

“And neither will I!” We both prepared for our attacks, this was it…the showdown begun.

It was an exchange of homing attacks and projectiles. The battle just started to seem like every other battle I have faced with him and I couldn’t understand it…I thought Eggman wasn’t holding back.

“What’s with you and your same game strategy Eggs Benedict…I thought you weren’t gonna hold back.” I retorted. “I’m getting seriously bored here.”

“Oh you’ll see…”

I unleashed a crushing spin dash right through his mech, this was too easy…he took the Master Emerald for this boring battle and I was getting tense for nothing.

“Seriously Eggman…what was that? This is like playing with a kitten!”

He didn’t respond to my comment, all I saw was just the machine stand still, it still had the hole I punctured into it…I wonder if maybe I ruined his little surprise.

“Yo Eggy, why the silent treatment? I told ya I was gonna make this short, what’s the matter you can’t- WHAT THE?!”

A flash of emerald colored light flooded the area, blinding me a bit. Something wasn’t right this time, but I couldn’t just stand there and be amazed by the light show.

“Whatever  you got up your sleeve, you know I’m gonna ruin it tubby!” I dashed towards the light but I stopped right in my tracks to my surprise, I was right…something was strange.

The hole I punctured into the mech repaired itself, every damage I gave to Eggman’s Egg Mech was restored to its original state.

“The Master Emerald…can do that?” I said in shock. “Is this the surprise you wanted to show me?”

“Not at all rodent, but I’m glad to see I gave you show!” He laughed. “Now it’s time to call it curtains!”

That green light from before that he showed back then was aiming me, unfortunately I managed to swiftly dodge it. I charged up another homing attack right at the head of the mech but something caught me by surprise.

“Time to bring out the best of you boy…” His mech snared me, he had me right in his crutches.


“So..did you like what you saw, you really think I would just let you win this, I may have been typical in the past…but things change Sonic!”

“You really think you have changed…I kicked your fat butt before and I can do it again!”

“Aren’t you tired of that line?” He asked.

“Aren’t you ever gonna lose weight?” I responded.

“I see you still have smartass mouth, even when you’re cornered…but let’s see how much your smartass comment will lead you.” He pulled out a switch in his disposal and began to activate it, which caused electricity to surge through the machine and anything touching it would be hit with it.

I felt the painful shock hit my body, he wasn’t playing around this time, I guess my smart mouth really can get me in trouble…not that it mattered.

“Rrrrrrgh!” I howled in pain, I don’t know what he was planning or how long this was going to go on. But I had to pull through this.

“Yes suffer…SUFFER!” He watched me go through this torture. Just what in the world was he planning, and whatever it was…I didn’t wanna go down like this, I had to unleash my power as well.

I was gonna save this for later, but I might as well bring them out now…

I felt a warm glow surging in my body, my fur suddenly glittering with hues of gold, my eyes suddenly going from jade to a burn a red. With my super form I managed to rip out of his crutches, even destroying the arm I was trapped in.

“Impressive hedgehog…I knew you would use the emeralds. It was only a matter of time now I can bring out the REAL challenge.” Eggman cackled, what in Chaos was he talking about a real challenge?

“Don’t tell me you did all this to make me go super, just what DO you have in store for me, if it’s not this then what is it?” I asked.

Eggman let out a devilish smile. “You really wanna know why my mech repaired itself…it’s not just the Master Emeralds doing you know.”


‘Uhh Eggman…I think he wants to really come out and face Sonic, he’s getting restless now since Sonic transformed.” Cubot said shakenly.

“Then let him out you nitwit!” He responded angrily, then turned back to me still giving me that shit eating smile.
“Wait…who’s him…what monster of the week did you unleash this time?” I was growing impatient and annoyed with this gimmick, he should know by now that he can never tame an ancient beast, he couldn’t even get Metal Sonic to obey him and that was he own creation.
“I’m sure you remember him Sonic, it has been a long time since you two have fought…I hope you enjoy the nostalgia before you…perish.”
The mech began to open a hatch containing the Master Emerald, a silhouette stood atop of it. But as I watched it emerge I couldn’t help but get a sense of dread making my fur tense up a bit…like something about this figure felt stronger.
Two golden pupils emerged from the silhouette, plus a familiar sound that I haven’t heard in years...I saw a familiar metallic face slowly reveal itself and I couldn’t believe my eyes on who it was.
M-mecha Sonic?! But…me and Knuckles completely destroyed him years back in Sky Sanctuary.
But something was different about him, he had some bits of him that were similar to Metal Sonic, he came closer to me and I could feel in my senses that it was Mecha but also Metal.
“It’s good to see you again…or you two again, but mostly Mecha I’m more happy to see.” I said to my robotic double.
“How did he know the two fused?” Orbot asked.
“I can tell…I see you upgraded and combine parts Eggy, so I take it you decided to give Metal Mecha’s upgrade.” I looked back at Eggman. “So this was your surprise…I love it!”
“Don’t get too comfortable Sonic!” He responded. “I did more than that, I researched my mistakes and recorded Mecha’s battle data and transferred it over with Metal’s Chaos Data, but I did some far more improvements, thanks to the Master Emerald though, the two fused… you’ll be surprised what else he can do.”
“So…Metal Mecha Sonic…I’m guessin’ is the name you given him?” I looked at my robot double, scanning all around him. “Not bad…so…I bet you’re itching to fight me again huh?”
“Scanning…battle mode ready!” He responded. “Hyper mode activated!”
“ALREADY?!” Orbot and Cubot both shouted.
Mecha Metal Sonic’s body was glowing an intense green, he began charging at me in full speed but I managed to swiftly dodge it. For some reason, Mecha was a lot faster the last time I fought him and even faster than Metal even though they were fused together.
I gotta be on my feet, he’s really fast.
He charged back again at me head on this time he caught me. I held on to him gripping my feet so I wouldn’t falter. The blow really impacted me, almost to the point where I could have been crushed if I didn’t get a good grip upon him.
“You got better I see…” I said, looking him straight in the face as I held onto him.
“Energy cancelling…30%.”
“What..are you-?” Something wasn’t right, for some reason my body began to feel funny, almost like the emeralds were about shut out on me…it couldn’t be my duration of my Super Form since I did get a boost from all the chaos energy surging from me and Mecha Metal.
Wait is he…oh no!” In reaction, I threw him across the battle field before he could take away my energy. I knew what he was doing; he was trying to shut off my Super Form.
“You…really want me dead, huh?” I panted, that energy cancelling trick really exhausted me.
“Oh ho ho ho!” I see you’re learning so much from Mecha Metal Sonic, did you forget already…because he’s been infused with the Master Emerald, he can control your Chaos Emeralds…after all…the Master Emerald can do that!” Eggman laughed.
So that’s why he took it…that’s why he gave me the last emerald…this fight was all a trap!
“This fight isn’t over Sonic…” The robot responded. “ I will fight you until you are nothing but blood and bones!”
“You heard him …fight!” Eggman beckoned.
Mecha came at me with attacking me like a madman, he was quick and so was I but I couldn’t let him touch me otherwise he’ll continue to sap out my Super form…but I couldn’t waste my time just dodging him…I had only half of my Super form left.
There’s gotta be some way I could maybe get a small boost of power…
I looked at the Master Emerald sitting atop the mech Eggman was once in that Mecha came from.
And I know just how I can get that small boost…I just need a distraction…
I made a quick turn to steer Mecha off me, I knew someway somehow I would have get him off my back so I can reach the Master Emerald in time. With a small boost, I might even be able to turn the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds.
Almost there…Just gotta…WHAT?!
I almost made it to the Emerald, but Mecha zip past me before I could even get a hold of it.
“How did you-?!” I was so shocked to how fast he had gotten, he caught me off guard, giving me a metallic slap in the face, sending me back.
“Oooh, he’s gonna be feeling that in the morning…” Orbot queued.
I hit the ground pretty hard, as I managed to get my footing back I could feel a sharp sting in my right eye…not only that all I could see is splotch of blood dripping across my cheek.
Mecha really gashed my eye pretty bad, I looked at the small puddle of blood to see my reflection of the nasty scar he place upon my eye…this wasn’t good.
“Ooooh, he’s definitely gonna feel that…look at that scar!” Cubot said.
“Aww poor little rat, thought you could get the Master Emerald and get a small boost of power eh? Fool! No matter how hard you try, Mecha will beat you to it, he’s just as powerful and fast as you, if anything…he’s even faster.” Eggman cackled.
“Give up Sonic…This fight is almost done.” Mecha prepared himself for another attack, “Your super form is almost wearing out any second…why else would you have gotten that scar?”
“Prepare to die!”
Come on Sonic…you got one more trick up your sleeve…but can it be pulled off correctly?
“This is it…I’m going to win this and there’s no way Sonic will-“
“Oh boss LOOK!” Cubot hollered.
Mecha almost had me, but I did pull off a Chaos Control to warp myself to the Master Emerald, I did remember that I can use Chaos Control even in my Super form and I knew pulling it off at the right time would work.
Alright Sonic…time to rock and roll.
“Mecha…stop him before he regains energy!” Eggman commanded.
“But sir…are you sure? According to the energy readings…all the Negative Energy from the Master Emerald is at 100% if Mecha was to interrupt Sonic’s transformation, it might cause a collision…a very dangerous one at that and-“
“SILENCE!” Eggman barked. “Mecha…stop him now!”
Mecha followed Eggman’s commands, and began charging towards me. I had to act quickly, if what Orbot said is true, then both me and Mecha could be done in.
Come on…just…one…more…
“Generating Black shield!”
That’s what you think buddy!
With us colliding, there was a huge explosion. Luckily, the Master Emerald didn’t shatter due to Mecha’s black shield…all you can see was smoke.
“You were too slow Mecha!” All that emerged from the smoke was a platinum blur, I did it…I successfully turned the Chaos Emeralds into Super Emeralds.
“NO! That’s not fair!” Eggman threw his typical loss tantrum.
“I told you Egghead, I was gonna break your heart this time, you may be smart but I’m two steps ahead of- UGH!” I faltered to my knees in pain…something was stabbing me in the chest…but what?
“Oh?” Eggman said, looking curious about what it was that could be hurting me, he noticed I was writhing in pain like an animal, my fur turning a violent sort of colors.
“Negative Energy detected..scanning…hyper mode had gone to a fever pitch.” Mecha announced.
“The Super Emeralds are giving Sonic a negative effect…how could that be?” Eggman wondered.
“I told you sir…Mecha was using it, but…could the collision have been too much for Sonic?” Orbot asked.
“You went into overdrive…fool…now you have defiled your own form…how ironic.” Mecha stepped in front of me to have a closer look at what was happening. ‘Any minute now and you might just-“
All I could see was…red.
“AHHHHHHH! STOP…THIS…THIS ISN’T WHAT I…AHHHHHHGHHH!” A scar formed around my rib cage, something was stabbing me hard in the chest, but I just couldn’t pin point what was going on, my mind was just a whirlwind of rage and fear.
“This isn’t good boss….Sonic went into overdrive, that hyper form of his isn’t going right…he absorbed the negative energy and turned the Super Emeralds into-“
“Darkness…they’re corrupted and it dragged Sonic into it.” Eggman interrupted. “But how?”

I see I have a new host…it’s been so long since I inhabited a creature who was able to use such power.
Who? Who are you?!
Don’t be scared…it will be all over soon…I’m helping you win.
You’re…hurting me.
Your heart is so pure, you said you wanted power, did you not? And that’s what I did…but in exchange…I had to make some sacrifices and your blood was what I need.
What are you doing to me?
Just relax hedgehog…it will be all over, you wanted power right?
This is not the power I wanted, make this stop I have no control over my-
But desire to be strong is what you wanted, I’m granting you this wish…unfortunately for you, the Master Emerald was tainted before you could even attempt to salvage what was left.
Desire for power…
All I could remember was blacking out.
“Eggman..I think you might wanna retreat this match!” Orbot nervously said. “Sonic looks like he’s about to-“
The three looked to see Mecha Sonic all in pieces, they were scattered all over the place. The only thing missing was his head, which was being held by a dark, violent creature.
“S-Sonic?!” They all responded in unison at the blue blur, who was covered in darkness.
“This power is amazing, it’s…beautiful…the destruction…the hatred…” Sonic turned over to Eggman, who was cowering over him. His egg mech was in pieces and the Master Emerald was still glowing a dark black.
“I…I need more…I wanna destroy…Destroy Everything!” Sonic threw Mecha’s head hard into the ground and was about to lunge at Eggman but before he could so, the Master Emerald’s energy caused an explosion.
The shards flew everywhere, along in the mix, the emeralds scattered all over the battlefield, covered in blood and were colorless.
All that was left…was just barren battlefield of destruction and a hedgehog lying in his own blood, the bloody colorless emeralds all around him.
That’s all I could remember that day…until a voice called out to me.
Go to the Lake of Purity…
What…happened that day?
Eternal Wishes- Epilogue
So here's the Epilogue to my story...I tried to make it as detailed as possible...ahhh I'm sorry if there's any errors D: like I said I am not good with writing, I'm more of artsty gal, but feel free to give some critique and inputs.

I used some neat little references if you can spot em though! :)

Next chapter will up soon!
Eternal Wishes- Sonic and Tiara Lost World by Bluestarpost
Eternal Wishes- Sonic and Tiara Lost World
So for those who don't know (And if you do, then here's a little bonus content for ya) I will be doing a Lost World adaptation of my AU story.

Tiara is in this because...COME ON Lost World had Sonic Xtreme written all over it I know Sega didn't reference it but...for god sakes look at the wiki's story and tell me how perfect it would have been if they did that---->…

6 Magical Rings, Deadly there was guardians involved in the story the Deadly Six are guardians...AM I MAKING ANY SENSE TO YOU GUYS?!

So yeah...XD I finally got this ya'll missed my art huh?


....okay uhh kay? 
So here's the scoop for this news because in all honesty...there's no way in heck I can do a comic like I said I would because of work and's hard enough to even draw because sometimes I'll have the free time to do it but then something else comes up...soon, that will be fixed though since I told my manager that I want 2 days off a week instead of having just Saturday (And I rather have it on a week day where I'm home by myself and have some time to concentrate)

So to make less work on myself I will make transition the comic to be a fanfiction instead...though my writing skills aren't as good as most people I know, it's better to just have it done faster this way...I can write fast so it's not a big deal and they will be updated/posted on it's own tumblr...which I will make soon.

I will still do some art for the series so it will turn into a fanfiction/comic I just won't be doing it in comic format in general because it would be too much work...I'll work on everything soon and see how it goes and maybe update a new chapter on certain days to keep everyone posted.

Also, I may replace my art tumblr for it since I think I rather just post my art on my normal tumblr...which I did at the beginning XD so I'll be doing some adjustments, my work schedule is a little flexible this time just hopefully next week I get 2 days off a week at least...ugh...see guys I told you, I was gonna be going nuts.
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Just wanted to give you guys a heads up on my art's been a bit difficult to come up with or catch up so I may be a bit slowpoke-ish on things...I wanted to draw some stuff but work...she gets in my way sometimes.

This week has been a bit brutal now since I worked 7 hours and I work 7 hours again then 6...and let me tell you...working in a cold storage area, walking back and forth making rounds and grinding with your hands can do a number on ya...but it will be worth the sweet reward of cash...not to mention I'll be on a short vacation weekend come I'm pretty excited for that.

I'm still stressed a bit about personal things...but it will be alright I'm hoping...mostly just with this crazy schedule I haven't had much time to sit down and work on a picture...which I really want to but I have to get up early the next few days, I'm hoping next week or possibly I have maybe a Saturday off so I can work on junk, so for the next few weeks I'm gonna be going probably a little crazy so bare with me.

Sooooo anybody see the new Gravity Falls? What's your thoughts? Who do you think Bill's gonna use as his puppet? Me...I really kinda hope it's Wendy or possibly Candy or Grenda.

...If it's Toby I'm gonna lose my shit ROTFL
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So here's the scoop for this news because in all honesty...there's no way in heck I can do a comic like I said I would because of work and's hard enough to even draw because sometimes I'll have the free time to do it but then something else comes up...soon, that will be fixed though since I told my manager that I want 2 days off a week instead of having just Saturday (And I rather have it on a week day where I'm home by myself and have some time to concentrate)

So to make less work on myself I will make transition the comic to be a fanfiction instead...though my writing skills aren't as good as most people I know, it's better to just have it done faster this way...I can write fast so it's not a big deal and they will be updated/posted on it's own tumblr...which I will make soon.

I will still do some art for the series so it will turn into a fanfiction/comic I just won't be doing it in comic format in general because it would be too much work...I'll work on everything soon and see how it goes and maybe update a new chapter on certain days to keep everyone posted.

Also, I may replace my art tumblr for it since I think I rather just post my art on my normal tumblr...which I did at the beginning XD so I'll be doing some adjustments, my work schedule is a little flexible this time just hopefully next week I get 2 days off a week at least...ugh...see guys I told you, I was gonna be going nuts.
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Bettina DeNonno
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Hi my name's Bettina and originally I had an old DA account that went by the name :iconpanictopaz: but I moved due to sudden changes and I was tired of the name

I like to draw stuff that amuses me whether it be Sonic, Pokemon, Zelda or other fan art, please bear with what I draw...I'm not here to please anybody, so I don't wanna hear you whining or asking me to try something else, not every artist can draw what YOU want and I know there's something called "Expand your horizons" but I do and draw what I want...don't like it, oh well nobody asked you to come here anyway.

I don't take request, art trades are a maybe if I feel like it...don't bug me about those, if I'm open for something I'll post it on a journal.

I'm now officially open for commissions...paypal and points are accepted, if you are interested please drop a note for pricing and info.
(However, I much prefer paypal)

Do not under any circumstances steal my work...I don't give a rat's ass if you reference my work, but don't slap paint, or just take it and NOT give me's disgusting.

Thanks for watching, faving and really makes me happy when you people take time to appreciate my work =3.

Steam: Bluestarpost
Miiverse: Chaoshybrid89
3DS Friend Code: 1934-1296-0810

If you plan on adding me in my 3DS, Wii, Pokemon..just leave a message so I know =3

Current Residence: America
Favourite genre of music: Techno,Trance, Drum & Bass, J-pop, Dance, Punk/Alternative Rock, Ska, chiptek music
Favourite style of art: Cel Shade, Anthro, Anime, Cartoonish like style
Favorite Artist and Inspirations: :iconlunarmew: :iconchejanea: :iconcrayon-chewer: :iconom-nom-berries: :iconevmousser: :iconswirlything: :iconmri: :iconvaporotem: :icongashi-gashi: :iconkissthethunder: :iconoh8: :iconsharkie19: :iconmmishee: :iconsubordinance-works: :iconcylent-nite:
Operating System: Windows 7
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Favourite cartoon character: Link, Sonic the hedgehog...and many others
Personal Quote: Nah Fuck that!
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My partner, my muse, my best friend

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codtronxx9 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hola blue
Bluestarpost Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
codtronxx9 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
What's up
Bluestarpost Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student General Artist
Nothing much, work and stuff
TanjatheBat Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the fav. :)
Bluestarpost Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015  Student General Artist
Not a problem darlin' :D
codtronxx9 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
Hola blue san
Bluestarpost Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Student General Artist
codtronxx9 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015
How goes it
Bluestarpost Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Student General Artist
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